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There are few situations that out-do the dangerous-effects to your residence and personal well-being quite like a house fire. If you have recently endured damage to your property because of a fire, look to Paul Davis in Croydon, PA, to handle the fire damage mitigation process. There are several things that need to be handled concerning fire damage removal for any property to be livable once again. To guarantee that the proper steps are taken and there are no lingering effects from the flames, hire the services of a professional fire damage repair team. Paul Davis has been the leading expert for fire damage recovery and emergency services nationwide. Our staff throughout Croydon, PA, is certified, insured and hold the necessary licensing to work in your location. Our contractors observe the mandated codes required to efficiently deal with fire damage cleanup and mitigation, so you know you are in excellent hands.

Fire Damage Removal Pros

Fires create significant damages to your property. After the blaze has occurred there will be debris, wreckage, and materials that will need to be removed before any repairs can be done. Paul Davis inspects the aftermath of your property to determine the magnitude of the wreckage sustained from the fire and what you used to extinguishing the blaze. At this point we start our removal and deconstruction operations.

Even with places that weren’t wrecked by flames will have lingering damage. Some of the wreckage comes from smoke, soot and water. When left untreated, water, smoke, and soot continue to permeate other surfaces and migrate throughout your residence, which can be a threat to your health. Fire damage mitigation services cleanup the damages caused by water and smoke too and getting a professional is the only way to take care of these problems. Paul Davis in Croydon, PA, has the training, tools and experience necessary to combat all aspects of fire damage mitigation services, including smoke, soot and water.

Because home fires demand specialized tools and know-how, it’s critical to find experts at a company that are reliable. When you get in touch with Paul Davis, you’ll get a crew of experts that are equipped with the most advanced tools and who’ve gone through the training necessary to correct fire damage using the most reliable methods. We make certain your residence in Croydon, PA, will be restored to a livable condition and that you’ll get quality results every time. It’s Paul Davis’ job to preserve your property and possessions, and our goal is to create a safe place for you and your family. The quicker you contact the experts at Paul Davis, the quicker we can restore your property and avoid extensive damages that could occur over time.

Services for Fire Damage Restoration and Remediation – Dependable Methods

We understand that property owners can feel defenseless after they’ve experienced a fire in their home, and that fixing the aftermath can seem impossible. Luckily, with Paul Davis servicing the Croydon, PA, region, your wreckage can be corrected. Our contractors are available 24/7 to provide fire damage mitigation services for your residence. These types of services include:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Efficient damage assessment and pretesting
  • Board-ups
  • Environmentally friendly techniques for cleaning soot and other residues from fire damage
  • Sanitizing, purifying and removing the smoke odor from the air
  • Careful removal and securing of damaged household items, personal possessions and other contents for sanitizing and repair
  • Industrial grade dehumidifiers, air movers, water extractors and other tools used to remove water from fire extinguishing efforts
  • Rebuilding the wrecked areas
  • Disinfectants and antimicrobials utilized to prevent mold and mildew

Paul Davis is Your Insurance Provider’s Number One Choice for Fire Damage Restoration

Paul Davis is recommended by your insurance company to handle your fire damage restoration job. You may struggle with what to do when your property has been destroyed by fire damage. This is where Paul Davis comes in to help you with the next steps. First, you file a claim with your insurance company for the restoration of your fire damaged home or commercial property. When the scope of the damage has been assessed, we then work directly with your insurance company, and negotiate the cost of the repairs on your behalf. Your Paul Davis Restoration team receives payment from your insurance company, so there are no up-front costs for you. Our experts in Croydon, PA, fulfills the request for work made after you file your fire damage restoration claim with the company that insures your home.

As a top restoration firm, your local team with Paul Davis near Croydon, PA, has worked with countless people, in similar situations. We understand the problems you’re dealing with right now and are here to help. When our experts handle your fire damage restoration work, you can put your energy towards other issues and allow our team to do what they do best. We are proud to be the network insurance providers, their agents, and adjusters rely on to serve the critical needs of policyholders. Every day, Paul Davis Restoration of Bucks County PA is counted on by the top insurance agencies to restore homes and businesses that have been destroyed by fire damage or other calamities. Because of our knowledge and experience restoring fire damage, we have pioneered exceptional methods and utilized new technology to help the industry become more efficient and manage costs.

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Paul Davis is a fire damage removal company serving Croydon, PA, with top-rated craftsmanship. You can count on our skillful specialists to provide your residence professional fire damage restoration services when there’s been a fire. Send us a message by completing our online contact form or reach out to us at (888) 473-7669 for efficient service and fire mitigation assistance.